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Urgent or Important?
The Problem – Too often principals of design firms and leaders of corporate design groups get so deeply involved and busy in the “urgent” day-to-day projects and operations (“wrapped around the axle”) that they don’t take the time or effort to think about and do the “important” things they need to do to take their firm or group to the next level. And, they wonder if they are ever going to get out from under the growing load.

Sometimes what they need is an external forcing function, like Brian, to help identify and motivate the required changes in behavior and organization to bring about the desired goals, to get out from under the urgent and do the important things for their company’s future success.

Mission – To improve the focus and performance of product design consulting firms and corporate design groups by helping these design leaders understand and take the necessary actions to allow and encourage their firms/groups to successfully make the next steps in their growth and evolution.