June 2011

Brian began his second engagement with MKS. This time he is mentoring and coaching a newly assigned program manager who is leading some high priority projects within the OnLine business. He also participates in monthly senior management meetings for setting the goals, objectives and project priorities for the business.

Brian has added a new product design firm client, Smartshape Design in Cleveland, OH. He is working with the CEO to help improve the firm’s estimating process and proposal templates, prepare position guides, and provide an independent assessment of his staff for increased responsibilities.

The CEO of Cooper Perkins, one of Brian’s earliest clients, invited him to participate as an independent advisor in the firm’s director meeting. Brian provided some key insights and suggestions to the firm’s leaders which were adopted moving forward.

Brian has also consulted with Jeneanne Rae, originally with PeerInsight, now with her new company Motiv Strategies.

IDSA recently named Brian chairman of the 2011 IDSA Fellows and Awards Committee with awards to be presented at the IDSA International Conference in New Orleans on September 14, 2011.

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