During the last few months of 2006 Brian was conducting business-oriented consulting projects for the principals of several design and product development firms in the Boston area. Because of the success of these projects, the strong encouragement from these clients, and the current demand for more of the same type work, Brian decided to make a business out of it and to build a practice based on this foundation of work and on his 30 years experience in this industry.


For his entire career, Brian Vogel has been deeply involved in innovation, design, product development, project and multiple program management, and business level management for product firms and design and management consultancies. Just prior to starting his business, Brian was President of Scientific Generics Inc. (now Sagentia), an international consulting firm of over 200 professionals specializing in innovation, technology development, breakthrough products and business creation. In the three years he was President of Scientific Generics, the US operation made great strides forward in building the US team, nearly tripling US sales for the company including several Fortune 100 companies, improving the brand image in the US and expanding the US service capabilities.

Brian began his career as an officer in the U.S. Navy, became a Fleet Officer of the Deck and had several successful tours of duty around the world. After leaving the Navy, he joined General Electric and his career progressed from mechanical engineer, to project leader, program manager, and manager of all programs. Brian left GE to become one of the movers and shakers within the innovation and product development industry. As Senior Vice President of Product Genesis, Inc., he helped the firm grow from 5 employees to 40 and become one of the best product development firms in the country. As President of Altitude, Inc., he helped establish better project management and financial controls and helped stabilize the firm through some very tough times.

Brian has extensive experience in the areas of customer-led innovation, product strategy and planning, product development, sales and marketing, multiple program management and people management. Most of his experience has centered on innovation and complex electromechanical products from the medical, industrial and consumer sectors.  He is particularly good at making order out of chaos, in representing and advancing the interests of his clients internally and externally and in mentoring promising people coming up the organization. He has knowledge and experience in all aspects of new product development including the fuzzy front end, technology innovation, design, engineering and project management.

Brian is also very well connected with the principals at most of the design and product development companies and heads of design groups at many corporations in the US. He has been a member of the Association of Professional Design Firms (APDF) and has also held senior leadership roles within the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and helped the society adapt to meet the rapid changes occurring in our industry both at home and across the globe. In 2009 Brian was engaged by the IDSA Board of Directors to lead the society as Interim Executive Director (acting CEO). As part of that engagement, he also led the successful search for the next permanent director. In recognition for this work and for his years of volunteer leadership, Brian was named a Fellow in 2010.

He has had international exposure both in Europe and most recently in China. His education includes a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree and an MBA degree plus several management courses at GE.