August 2013

At the 2013 IDSA International Design Conference in Chicago, Brian was awarded a special Chairman’s Award for his services to the society as Interim Executive Director during 2012 and early 2013. This special recognition is awarded to individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty in service to the society.

January 2013

Brian has successfully concluded his assignment as Interim Executive Director of IDSA. He began his full-time engagement in July in the DC area and finished in early January, 2013 after leading the search, hiring and transition process for the next permanent Executive Director. Under Brian’s watch, IDSA held one of the most successful international conferences in years in Boston during the summer. He spearheaded the effort to restore and establish partnerships with other design-oriented associations. Brian also advanced the initiatives already underway at IDSA in China and other countries and helped coordinate recent events in the new K-12 educational initiative.

George McCain, FIDSA, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDSA said, “Brian has an amazing ability to come into a new situation and immediately analyze the problems, formulate steps to be taken and then execute on the plan, all the while maintaining the respect and cooperation of all involved. Brian’s work is always on time and within budget and his communication skills are exemplary. In sum, Brian is effective, intelligent, drive to perform and fun to work with.”

Daniel Martinage, the newly hired Executive Director adds, “As the new Executive Director of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) I had the fortunate experience to follow Brian who served as IDSA’s Interim Executive Director. Brian provided the most well-prepared and comprehensive transition package that I have ever experienced. He highlighted the critical issues and provided a clear status of all external relationships, internal dynamics and lessons learned during his tenure. I am well prepared to take over and hit the ground running as a result of Brian’s thoughtful and thorough preparation. I highly recommend Brian for other interim CEO and/or acting executive director roles in both nonprofit and commercial organizations.

Brian has returned to the Boston area, resumed his consulting practice and is now available for new projects with current and new clients.

May 2012

In May, Brian returned to Sweden to visit and advise Umetrics, a division of MKS Instruments, a long-time client of Brian Vogel Consulting. The mission this time was to investigate and correct deficiencies in how Umetrics runs projects internally, shares information among the staff and reports status to management. Changes were worked out with the Umetrics staff and new processes are now in place and used throughout the company. Brian continues to be involved with MKS/Umetrics in weekly management calls.

March 2012

In March, Brian had the pleasure to meet up again with Matt Haggerty, Founder of Product Genesis and now President of DCI Engineering. It was great to reconnect with Matt, a long time friend and colleague. Hopefully, we can find new ways to work together once again.

January 2012

Brian completed some consulting work for Cooper Perkins related to the 2012 CES show. Brian also concluded some follow-up consulting with MKS regarding their operation in Sweden.

Third and Fourth Quarter 2011

Brian continued to advise Gerhard Pawelka, CEO of Cooper Perkins, on a regular basis about operations and client relations.

August – Brian concluded some follow-up work with MKS regarding their operations in Sweden.

Sept – Brian concluded his long term consulting/coaching project with the On-Line division of MKS. He also attended the IDSA national conference in New Orleans where he was chair of the 2011 personal recognition and fellow awards committee.

Sept – Brian began discussions with Jordan Nollman of Sprout about some consulting work and agreed to become the senior advisor to the 2012 IDSA national conference committee of which Jordan is a key leader. This conference is scheduled to be held in Boston from August 15 – 18, 2012. In addition to his senior advisor role, Brian also accepted the leadership responsibility for the business track at the conference (one of five tracks). In that capacity, Brian has since established a strong committee of top business people from the design industry to plan and execute this track.

Oct – Brian met with Eric Anderson in Pittsburgh. Eric is the past president of IDSA and is a professor at Carnegie Mellon. Brian also began a consulting relationship with Brian Heidsiek of Sandbox Innovation Studio in Seattle Washington.

Nov – Brian conducted another project for Mike Maczuzak of Smartshape in Cleveland, started a consulting engagement with Jim Bleck of Bleck Design Group, began a discussion about collaborating with Tom Lockwood of Lockwood Resource, and was asked to recommend some organizational and leadership changes for the MKS operation in Sweden.

Dec – Brian completed another project for AOA/Northrop Grumman and conducted another short project for Sandbox Innovation Studio.

July 2011

Brian has just returned from a week in Sweden on behalf of MKS to assist one of their firms located there. This is the third assignment he has undertaken for MKS.

June 2011

Brian began his second engagement with MKS. This time he is mentoring and coaching a newly assigned program manager who is leading some high priority projects within the OnLine business. He also participates in monthly senior management meetings for setting the goals, objectives and project priorities for the business.

Brian has added a new product design firm client, Smartshape Design in Cleveland, OH. He is working with the CEO to help improve the firm’s estimating process and proposal templates, prepare position guides, and provide an independent assessment of his staff for increased responsibilities.

The CEO of Cooper Perkins, one of Brian’s earliest clients, invited him to participate as an independent advisor in the firm’s director meeting. Brian provided some key insights and suggestions to the firm’s leaders which were adopted moving forward.

Brian has also consulted with Jeneanne Rae, originally with PeerInsight, now with her new company Motiv Strategies.

IDSA recently named Brian chairman of the 2011 IDSA Fellows and Awards Committee with awards to be presented at the IDSA International Conference in New Orleans on September 14, 2011.

Fall 2010

Brian Vogel is pleased to announce the addition of several new clients for 2010 including MKS Instruments of Massachusetts, Fahrenheit Design in Austin, TX and the Bressler Group in Philadelphia, PA.

Brian was introduced to MKS Instruments by Jesse Ambrosina, formerly of Cooper Perkins and now a VP with Foliage . Brian’s role at MKS is to mentor and provide coaching to the project leader and the development team for a new gas monitoring system being developed for the security industry. With Brian’s help and advice, the team successfully shipped two separate orders of systems on time to their lead customer and are well positioned to build this and similar products into a major business. This mentoring role continues with other projects and project leaders.

Bryan Hunter, the Founder and President of Fahrenheit Design (FHT Design), engaged Brian to help him and his team to begin the process of determining their positioning within the design industry and to frame out the steps to “get the word out.” Their goal is to roll out their “articulated” positioning by the end of this year via a newly designed website.

Peter Bressler, the Founder and Chairman of Bressler Group, engaged Brian to help him and the three managing directors work out the remaining details of the management transition that Peter initiated as he throttles back his day-to-day involvement in the business. Brian remains involved as an advisor to both Peter and the management team.

In other news, Brian had the great pleasure of introducing two of his favorite people – Gerhard Pawelka, CEO of Cooper Perkins, one of Brian’s first clients, and Matt Haggerty, founder of Product Genesis and now CEO of ProGen, a management consulting practice specializing in strategic product development. The meeting was held at Cooper Perkins’ new facility in Lexington, MA, and the discussion revealed many things in common between Cooper Perkins now and the many years of successful work at Product Genesis. Brian believes the two leaders will develop a great friendship in the years to come.

Summer 2010

Brian is pleased and honored to announce that he was named a Fellow of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) at the 2010 IDSA national conference in Portland, OR. He was named a Fellow for his elected leadership roles at IDSA over many years and for his contributions as the Interim Executive Director of IDSA during summer of 2009. During that assignment Brian interrupted his own consulting practice, moved to the DC area for 5 months, helped IDSA recover from some operational issues and personally led the search for his full time replacement, Clive Roux, the current CEO of IDSA. Brian wishes to thank all those members and staff that supported him over the years and contributed to this honor.