The importance of “Vector Thinking” for design leaders:

To improve performance in any of the dimensions described in the services section of this website, you need to know your starting placeĀ (Point A) and your desired ending place (Point B). The vector between those points has both a direction and a magnitude (the length of the vector). Additionally, you need to define the pace of that movement – a realistic estimate of the time and effort required to achieve the goal – and identify what “knobs you can turn” to have the most dramatic effect. Therefore, each client engagement is unique and starts with a jointly developed list of desired improvements or goals (Point B’s), a diagnostic to establish the real starting place (Point A’s), an action plan to determine the direction and pace of the needed changes (the Vector) and a priority list of the knobs that will be turned for each goal.

The Client Engagement – Brian Vogel Consulting starts with a client visit and consultation to discuss areas to be “attacked”. Then, he prepares a proposal for that work scope which is approved by the client. Work can be arranged on either a project basis or a longer term retainer basis. Terms and Conditions apply.