Consulting Firms

The types of coaching service that are offered to principals and leadership teams of design, engineering, product development, and technology firms are targeted at improving their performance in one or more of the areas shown in the diagram below (The 8 P’s).

These elements are highly coupled and need to be examined periodically and perhaps modified as the company grows and changes in order to be more consistent and to maintain or improve overall performance. Each firm will have different needs and priorities depending upon their life cycle, their current situation, and their short term and long term goals.

The types of issues that may need attention within these general business and operating categories include:

  • Positioning – Market positioning, differentiation, and articulation
  • Promotion – Marketing, public relations and thought leadership to create a pull from the marketplace
  • Prospects – Selling process, the pipeline, bid/no bid decisions
  • Proposals – Developing winning proposals (scoping, assumptions, phases, deliverables, costs, schedules, pricing, terms)
  • People – Principals’ bandwidth, time management, staffing, delegation, organizational development, promotions, lieutenants, recruiting
  • Projects – Project leadership, staffing, scheduling, program and client management mentoring
  • Partnerships – Collaboration and partnerships with other firms providing adjacent services
  • Profits – Project controls & tracking, rate structure, avoiding overruns, establishing financial and business metrics “instrument panel”

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