Dr. John A. Smith
Vice-President, Analytical Solutions Group
MKS Instruments Inc.

“Brian was extremely helpful in focusing the project leader and the entire engineering and manufacturing team for a critical new product in our business. He put in place the disciplines to plan and meet weekly project schedules and attack action items. As a result, the team came together and met all hardware deliverables of two consecutive multi-unit orders to our key customer.”

Terry L. Myers
Director, Innovation/Product Development/ES
Hamilton Beach Brands

“I have known and worked with Brian Vogel on various projects for many years. Through those efforts and because of Brian’s vast background, I have come to respect his unique talent as a consultant in this industry. He has always provided me with the necessary help and information as requested. Through Brian’s help on one particular project, he led me to a great engineering resource that we otherwise would not have discovered. I have since used this resource for many other engineering challenges. Brian has always been very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anybody.”

Gerhard Pawelka
CEO, Cooper Perkins, Inc.

“Cooper Perkins has recently completed a very successful Science & Technology project for the US Navy. As an experienced engineer, an insightful businessman, and a former Navy officer, Brian was an outstanding asset on our team. His ability to read situations, quickly develop options, make changes to the plan, and then execute on the plan were spot on every single time. Brian has an unusual combination of meticulous attention to detail and lightning fast action to getting things done.”

Jesse Ambrosina
Founder of Cooper Perkins, Inc.

“Brian has a unique talent for helping technical organizations align strengths with business goals, identify weaknesses and suggest tangible methods of improvement. Personally he has helped me understand and project the long term pros and cons of several career choices over the years. His opinions, insight and advice are invaluable to me.”

Scott Stropkay
Partner, Essential

“As a highly experienced product development consultant, Brian brings a deep understanding of the myriad issues associated with project work and project management. As an experienced general manager Brian brings high-level critical thinking to the operational dynamics of the design consulting business. I’d recommend Brian to anyone looking for advice in either of those situations.”

Shiz Kobara
Senior Design Strategist, Kobara Design, LLC

“Brian Vogel is a pleasure to work with. He is very experienced in design leadership and team management. In his latest duties as interim executive director for the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), Brian did a thorough and passionate search for the right person to take the helm long term. It takes a special person like Brian to drop everything for half a year to devote his complete attention in leading the IDSA while finding his replacement for the long term. Add to this his gregarious and positive nature, Brian would be of great value to any strategic design team.”

Bob Faranda
Industrial Design Consultant

“My association with Brian over the years has been extremely positive. I view him as a colleague, experienced leader, knowledgeable adviser and consummate professional. As a professional designer, I value his sensible, insightful approach and problem solving ability to improve personal and organizational effectiveness. Brian has an in depth understanding of the product development process and the dynamics of a cross functional team within a design organization. I would highly recommend Brian as a consultant to anyone or any organization looking to improve their effectiveness and ultimate success.”

Ed Goldman
Senior Vice President, QinetiQ North America

“Thanks very much for your work on identifying possible strategic acquisitions for Foster-Miller. You did an excellent job and we were quite pleased with the results.”

Clive Roux
Executive Director of IDSA

“Brian provides structure, a steady hand and guidance in chaotic situations. He sees patterns and priorities where others cannot. It is in his DNA. Brian understands what is required to get a company headed in the right direction and that experience is invaluable. If you are growing, in turmoil or just need to understand how to get your organization to the next level, I would recommend that you call Brian. He WILL help you.”

George McCain, FIDSA
President of IDSA
Retired Corporate Design Manager, Fluke
Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Washington

“Brian was hired to lead the search for the new executive director, as well as to assess the current condition of the society and stabilize day-to-day operations. Brian did an outstanding job, far exceeding expectations. Brian hits the ground running, gains immediate understanding of the situation and prepares and executes a game plan flawlessly. I highly recommend Brian.”

Jim Kaufman, FIDSA
Past Secretary-Treasurer of IDSA
Emeritus Professor, Ohio State University

“I believe in Brian’s talents and courage to face difficult tasks. Brian showed the officers, board and staff how a real executive director should conduct himself and operate and lead an organization. I am thankful that Brian was available to take on the job. IDSA really owes Brian a big debt of gratitude for navigating some rough waters.”

David Klein, IDSA
Associate Professor, Metropolitan State College of Denver
IDSA Board member

“Brian stepped in as interim executive director at a critical time, on short notice. He saw through complications and quickly identified the most important, pressing tasks to be handled. He presented his ideas to the board with clarity and vigor, keeping us focused without being overbearing. Brian is a leader among leaders and I would highly recommend his consultation to any organization looking to move forward.”

Sam Lucente, IDSA
VP of Design, Hewlett-Packard
IDSA Board member

“I cannot say enough about Brian’s excellent job as interim director, really top notch! Although the time was short, Brian helped us navigate some treacherous waters and IDSA is on a much better course because of it. I like Brian’s management style and I’m hoping we can do some work together in the future and I am happy to provide a reference.”

Eric Anderson, IDSA
Past President of IDSA
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

“Brian achieved things in four months that we have been trying to accomplish for years. He helped us to reset the foundation and be exactly where we hoped to be at this point, and in some cases further than we imagined possible within that time frame.”